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Business Process Service Examples

  • Environmental Materials Compliance for Suppliers

    Automotive and Electronics parts manufacturers are required to comply with many regulations including IMDS, ELV, GADSL, REACh, SVHCs, Conflict Minerals, WEEE, and RoHS governing the substances contained in every part sold. Global Force teams have been providing these services to Automotive Tier 1's and below as well as non-automotive suppliers and manufacturers since 2004.



  • Inventory Item Description Standardization

    Global manufacturing businesses are faced with the challenge of standardizing parts descriptions in distributed inventory and supply chain management systems. Global Force teams have been reviewing blueprints and editing descriptions to create tens of thousands of standardized parts descriptions since 2006.

  • Parsing, Tagging and Content Digitization

    Many companies require ongoing conversion of voluminous texts from simple text files or word processing documents, into advanced indexed or tagged data elements to utilize in specialized software apps or websites. Highly labor-intensive work is required for these efforts. Since 2005 Global Force has provided services to successfully parse, tag and index over a million equivalent pages of text.

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